Hook Single with Stop (15cm)

With the stainless-steel suspension hook with stop you have the possibility to suspend multiple pieces of cleaning equipment like brooms and brushes, suspending them (partially) in front of each other and keeping them both accessible. When free space is scarce and you really do want to start working with 5s workplace organization, this hook with stop is the solution. This hook is hygienic, fit for industrial situations and perfectly fits on cleaning equipment boards and shadow boards.

  • Item number NLSB2001510
  • Price excl. 15.95
  • Price incl. € 19.30
  • VPE 1 piece
6-10 working days
Product specifications
  • Item number NLSB2001510
  • EAN-code 3774293844388
  • VPE 1 piece
  • Measurements (outside) 6,7cm x 4cm x 15cm
  • Distance stop 7,5cm
  • Magnetic No
Product description

Stainless-steel hook with stop, the perfect combination

Suspension systems are there in a diverse variety. The different suspension material is applicable in various working environments and situations. On the stainless-steel hook with stop, you can suspend cleaning equipment like brooms and brushes for example, partially in front of each other. The hook is made with a “stop-shield” which makes sure the cleaning equipment situated on hook is 7,5cm away from the shadow board, if that is where it’s placed. The hook’s centre of gravity is further away from the board, making it just as strong as any other hook. This makes it possible to suspend a piece of equipment in front of the other, but still being able to easily retrieve the cleaning equipment in the back without having to move or remove the equipment in the front. It is important to note that this stainless-steel hook with stop is best used in unison with a “normal” hook, the ones already in use on the board for example. Placing them besides each other makes it possible to suspend the two pieces of equipment partially in front of each other, a great way to save space!

The solution for saving space!

When you don’t have a lot of free space on your cleaning equipment board or shadow board, but still want to store more cleaning equipment in the ways of the 5s method? Then this hook is what you need.

The hook is delivered excluding any securing material.