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Ahold Coffee Company Shadow board (90x180cm)

Shadow board | Example Ahold Coffee Company (180x90cm)

Delivering quality with passion, that is what Ahold Coffee does. High quality is what Ahold Cofffee guarantees their clients, from coffee plantations until the cup of coffee you are drinking. That makes 5S workplace organisation indispensable. Visual Workplace created suitable and custom-made shadow boards to continue the high quality production.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your company? Please contact us, we would like to give you a visual advise, free from charge.

  • Item number NLSB1001010
  • Price from 240.00
  • VPE 1 shadow board
Product specifications
  • Item number NLSB1001010
  • VPE 1 shadow board
  • Measurements 180cm x 90cm
Product description

Custom-made professional shadow boards

We can discuss the options for board material, layout, and of course the graphical result. As a part of 5S, the board should be made highly visual. There are many possibilities for the board material. By default, our shadow boards are printed directly onto PVC foam. This material is easy to pierce (hooks) and to mount on a wall or in a (mobile) stand.

Shadow boards & 5S workplace organisation

Cleaning materials and tools are items that often do not have fixed places, given that they are utility products. Part of 5S workplace organisation is the designation of fixed locations. A shadow board ensures that cleaning materials and tools hang in a fixed place in the workplace. The shadows on the boards are very visual because of their use of colours and it stands out when a component is not present. Besides this, the employees’ work is tremendously well organised and it saves them a lot of time searching for the right materials.

Team Visual Workplace

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