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Personnel board | Example JBZ (240x120cm)

The Jeroen Bosch hospital had a nice challenge for Visual Workplace. They were looking for a personnel board, on which they could visualise which employees were responsible for which beds at the short-stay department. We have created a visualisation board on which we placed the bed positioning and with colored squares, we created the opportunity to indicate which nurse was responsible for which bed. There is also space on the board to visualise which persons are present for domestic services etc.

Do you also want a customized staff board, complete in the corporate identity of your company? We would like to make a first design free of charge. Interested? Please request a quote quickly.

  • Item number NLVB1031020
  • Price from 425.00
  • Delivery period 10-14 working days
  • Quantity 1 printed whiteboard
Product description

Tailor made personnel boards

Visual Workplace is all about tailor-made solutions. We believe in the power of Visual Management, but not in standard solutions. Together with our customers such as you, we discuss the possibilities and we think about the final solution together, "a professional visualisation board. " You make your wishes known and provide information about the final application; we contribute practical and user-friendly solutions. We also apply our knowledge of Lean and Visual Management to get the best results.

We are not a distributor, but a production company with our own brand of visualisation materials. This makes us unique in the Netherlands. Our materials are high quality, durable and have a professional appearance. Because we produce them ourselves, we are flexible and competitive in terms of pricing. We are expanding our product portfolio every week with new materials, based on customer requirements and market trends.

Service is the main pillar of our business. You always have a permanent contact person and our aim is to respond to you on the same day.

"Our main finding is that too little attention is often paid to the practical details of the Lean and improvement methods, which are too theoretical. Visual Management is more than a technique that can be used: Visual Management is a mindset."

Team Visual Workplace

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