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Magnetic status slider

The magnetic status slider can be used to show your status or your availability. The green-red slider is brought to you without any text on it, making the slider usable in varying ways. Because of three strong magnets attached to the back of the slider, the magnetic status slider is easily secured to any metal holding surface or whiteboard.

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Product description

Visualize status or availability

With this convenient synthetic slider you make information regarding status or availability visual. By securing the slider to a whiteboard or any metal holding surface you instantly make it known to others if for example you are free or occupied, or if you are present or absent and if you are allowed to be disturbed or not at all. The slider has a green and red side. The slider is easily moved from left to right and vice versa. The slider is available in one size. The status slider is a convenient tool to use at the office, in consultancy rooms and conference rooms.

Do-not-disturb slider

Information regarding availability can be visualized with the magnetic status slider. The sliders are used mostly for statuses like:

  • Free/occupied
  • Present/absent
  • On/off
  • Available/don’t disturb
  • Available/unavailable

The magnetic status slider can be used as a sign to show availability, a sign to not disturb and as a general info sign.

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