Whiteboard kit (starter)

You just purchased a new whiteboard and want to get to work. This complete starter kit includes everything you need to maintain your whiteboard and get started. Markers, fine tip markers, erasers, whiteboard tissues and a convenient pen holder where you can store everything. Save over €10,- with the purchase of this complete whiteboard starters kit.

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  • Item number NLWA50030
  • Price excl. 19.95
  • Price incl. € 24.14
  • Delivery period 3-5 working days
  • Quantity 1 kit
Product description

Save up to €10 with this starters kit

Start of quick and easy by using this whiteboard starters kit. With this complete kit you save over €10,00 on the purchase of all materials. Choose your desired color of penholder (smart box) that suits your house style/printed whiteboard.

Complete starters kit

All materials in this whiteboard kit are specially put together for you convenience. You can use the whiteboard cleaning spray and eraser for degreasing and maintainance of your whiteboard, the pen holder to keep everything on your whiteboard and the markers (thick & thin) for filling in information. This complete kit comes with:

  • 1 smartbox (pen holder) in a colour of your choice
  • 1 set cleaning tissues
  • 1 set whiteboard fine tip markers (thin point)
  • 1 set whiteboard markers (thick point) - Black

In this starter kit you can choose your own smartbox colour. The available colours are: Orange, Gray, Green, Light Green, Red and Black. Save up to €10,-.

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